Sunday, February 20, 2011

Creativity-made films iPhone 4

Chan-wook maximize her creative skills to produce a great work of the iPhone.

DIVERSITY small device functions offered Apple Inc. iPhone products. has revolutionized the mobile services to the international community.
From the visual voice mail so that the portable media player and the Internet, a small device that is never tired of providing multi-function mobile services at our fingertips to simplify the present day society.
A small device that can be easily grasped hands it has opened a new chapter when the famous South Korean director, Park Chan-wook, 48, and his brother, Park Chan-Kyong, 46, collaborated to produce a work of short film titled Night Fishing.
Night Fishing completely fabricated using iPhone 4 is about middle-aged man may have accidentally caught a young woman charmer of a reservoir of water while fishing at night time fun.
The middle-aged guys accomplished actress, Oh Kwang-skirts, 49, and the handlers are played by sensational pop star and actress, Lee Jung-hyun, 31.
Although the recording of the work only using the iPhone, the result is very exciting to film scenes look so aesthetic but also has a signature Chan-wook is to highlight themes about life and death.
It also included a director of Shamanic culture prevailing in South Korea for the viewing audience in these short pieces.
"At first I thought of making this work for fun and without much pressure.
"However, the scale of the film to be greater than what I expected," said Chan-wook at the premiere of the film recently.

Chan-kyong was told, shooting becomes easier when using a compact-sized iPhone.
"We can record movies in a variety of phones at a time. We also can get more creative angles and editing choices," he said.
While Night Fishing is not a low budget production, Chan-kyong think that make high-quality films using the iPhone with a lower capital is not impossible.
"If a student does not have provisions to produce short films for 10 minutes, they could make a movie using the iPhone.
"I think they could do with one-tenth of the money we use to produce Night Fishing," said Chan-kyong.
Night fishing has been screened at cinemas throughout South Korea, nine from January 27 last.

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