Monday, August 22, 2011

Do not be fooled dates RM1

GEORGE TOWN - high demand dates during Ramadan saw a handful of traders have taken advantage of by selling dates mixed with sweetener.

Normally, this method is practiced by traders who sell in bulk dates or weights with a lower price.
It is understood, dealers or wholesalers are importing low-quality dates in bulk before being processed to enable this re-sale dates.
Kosmo! notified, the fruits of this palm mixed with brown sugar and stored for some time to well before the dates mixed again with medium quality.
"As a result, low quality dates will be slightly sweet as the actual dates (dates of good quality) but in fact it has added sugar.
"The dates of this type sold by weight and are on sale in retail shops or stalls the sidewalk during Ramadan," said the source who told never to practice the method.

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