Thursday, August 4, 2011

Young Tigers fierce in Slovakia

Increasingly fierce Olympic squad in Slovakia. Yesterday they recorded a third successive victory in the series of friendly action in the country by beating League 1 Slovakia, Liptovsky Mikulas Tatran 2-1.Slovakia is ranked 29 of the world and has qualified for the World Cup 2010

During the campaign in South Africa, Slovakia managed to move into second round involving 16 teams before losing 1-2 to the Netherlands. In two previous matches, Ong Kim Swee squad was defeated 1-0 Moldava Bodva on July 26 and Topvar Topolcany 2-1 on Saturday. According to Kim Swee, as a whole, offering players increasingly showing an increase, but much remains to be improved.
"This match was very intense with a high enough intensity. The player has successfully controlled the game well." But in the second half, we do not move when the opposing team to pressure, especially in the middle, "said Kim Swee, when contacted, Kosmo! In Slovakia today. In the game, two goals scored Olympic squad Hazwan Ahmad Bakri in minute 11 and Irfan Faza'il 86 minutes before the close with a header Mikulas Virgala Thomas in minute 88.
Kim Swee down six starting players to meet the contracted Othman Moldava, Amer Saidin, Gary Steven Robbat, Minogue Azmi Jusoh and Irfan Shukor and three players starting to see the Ferris Daniel Topolcany Mat Nasir, Badrul and Hazwan Azrif Nasrulhaq. Two other players that the goalkeeper, Zamir Ibrahim Safe and Syahrul Azwari down for the first time in the starting line. "During the second half, I bring in Izuan Solahuddin, Wan Wan Nor Zack Haikal, Nazirul Naim Che Hashim, Faisal Affize Mamat, Wan Zakaria Wan Zaharulnizam and A. Thamil Arasu, "said Kim Swee. For the fourth action, national Olympic squad will meet teams from Hungary, Honved Budapest on Tuesday.

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