Monday, August 8, 2011

Government to announce a half-month salary bonus

The government agreed to pay half a month salary bonus with a minimumpayment of RM500 to civil servants this month.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the government had agreed on aspecial payment of RM500 to pensioners.

"Bonuses and special payments will be made ​​in the middle of this month," saidNajib, who is also Finance Minister, said in a statement today.

He said the bonus is for the contributions and dedication of public servants in facilitating and ensuring the successful implementation of national development.

The Prime Minister said the government hoped that the grant of bonuses andspecial payments can ease the burden of civil servants and pensioners, andhelping them prepare for celebrating Hari Raya.

"This shows that the government is always sensitive and very concernedkebajian civil servants and pensioners. Grant is also a tribute to all civil servantsof government," he said.

He said the bonuses and special payments would include 1.27 million federalcivil servants and 590,000 pensioners with expenditure amounting to RM2billion.

Thursday, Congress of Unions of Employees in the Civil Service (Cuepacs)urged the government to consider granting two-month bonus for civil servantsthis year.

Its president, Datuk Omar Osman urged the government to provide a bonus a month before Hari Raya and one month after the celebration of the bonus.

He said Cuepacs had applied formally through a letter to the prime minister two months ago.

"It's been two years of public servants do not get the bonus since 2008 and it is hoped that this year the government consider granting the bonus before and after Hari Raya to reduce the financial burden," he said.

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