Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Korea's explosion of IT in schools

As the summer looked, outside of the classroom atmosphere felt very affected. However, fourth-year students, the class teacher Eun Jung Yeon, transfixed watching the display tablet in front of them that shows animation of a young man and woman arguing about whether the water is heavier when it is frozen or during melting.
The rural scenario is the biggest piece of the transformation of South Korea suffered.
Countries are to invest about U.S. $ 2 billion (RM5.9 billion) in replacing the conventional text books to expand the tablet computer in preparation for the digital academic network.
Other countries such as France, Singapore and Japan are racing to develop a classroom equipped with touch-screen display that can access millions of information easily.
South Korea is Asia's fourth largest country in terms of economists believe they have the advantage of the scenarios when his childhood is considered the most literate browsers in the digital world.
It is evidenced by a study done Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development based in Paris, France in 2009 found that South Korean young age of 15 years recorded the highest score of the ability to absorb information through digital devices.
In Primary sosu, Goesan, Principal, Jo Yong deuk talk about the future when students interact with Ludwig van Beethoven and Abraham Lincoln in the world of virtual reality.
In the classroom, students are busy scribbling answers on the device they are using a pen tablet touch-screen while watching a video clip explaining the scientific nature of frozen water.
"I really liked this chapter, however, the most popular clips is how the flowers bloom and harvest trees in the spring," said Ho-Seok Jeong, 11, while carving a smile.
According to the Education and Research Information Service of Korea is responsible for providing technical support services to the program, there are 60 elementary schools, middle and secondary use of digital text books as one of their co-curricular activities.
Seoul is confident of completing the program costing billions of dollars in the preparation of a computer network with high quality digital content by 2015.

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