Saturday, January 15, 2011

15 storey building is completed within 6 days

Have you ever imagined 15 storey high building to be completed within a very short period of only six days. Probably many do not believe the statement, but that happens in China, recently.

It is something very strange and something that most people are thinking outside the box.
However, for the Chinese in Hunan area, it is not impossible to do and they havebeen proven to the world that they are able to do so.

Ark Hotel in Changsha as high as 15 levels were completed in six days, giving a 15storey building in the world's first successful completion in the shortest period.What is more amazing structural components of the building could be completed within 46 hours or two days with a further period of 90 hours or more appropriatelyused to complete the construction of the next general.Many also may expect the construction work of building the hotel was run 24 hoursover six days, but that notion is totally wrong.The construction work started at 8 am local time until 10 pm.

In addition, construction works and equipment to give priority to the safety factor atwork during the construction of the hotel.What is more remarkable without any adverse incidents occur during the construction of the hotel."It still meets the safety features, such as other buildings and even more sophisticated."The building was constructed to satisfy the safety features included to withstandearthquakes up to magnitude 9 pad learn earthquakes that often hit the country,''said the designer of buildings.

Environmental factors were not ignored in the construction of the building is amazing.
In an effort to respond to global calls to curb climate change, Hotel Ark was built to reduce energy consumption.Hotel Ark uses three layers of plastic glasses in the building with the walls act asthermal insulation and building design that is capable of maintaining the hot airnaturally compatible with the cold climate in China.

This allows the building can reduce energy consumption by 80 percent compared tobuildings that do not have this technology.The construction of this building was also confirmed that only uses 53 pounds of steeland cement to 43 kilograms per square meter, compared to Beijing that the library building of 180 kilograms and 355 kilograms of steel per square meter of cement.This clearly shows that the use of carbon dioxide decreased.

The hotel also will use solar energy to heat water and air that combines gas and solarenergy.
Use of building materials to complete the 15 storey high hotel is also six times moreefficient than others buildings.Wastage is also building on level 1 percent down. Speed of construction is actuallylocated on the construction method that combines the use of prefabricated materialand modern technology.Building materials first processed in a factory and construction workers just need toconnect the components to make a building.


saeboya said...

power gilaa...cepat membagun klu mcm ni...

hazuan said...

itu lah bro...klu mcm ni cpt la membangun sesebuah mcm lego lak main teknologi china bermula...


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