Saturday, January 1, 2011

HDR means that High Dynamic Range

What is HDR?

What is HDR? is common to hear it .. must be wondering how do want to generate the HDR image ..  A little explanation from me .. sorry if there is a mistake, or a bit hard to understand .. usual .. I also want to learn as well as new .. us together to share information and learning photography is ..  ok .. HDR means that  High Dynamic Range .. why it is such a name, this is because the HDR image will give more detail in the image area, such as the bright and dark areas .. there may be a bright picture .. (Over_expose) will show you detailed pictures on the cover of darkness only ... the picture is dark (undere_expose) detail would be more noticeable in bright areas, where there is a bright area ... like a cloud filled and many more ..
HDR is a method of combining at least 3 pictures of the same, but different in Expose, the picture is OK, the picture is over_expose and under expose .. result .. detail that is seen to be more clearly seen ..  differences HDR images produced are at how a combination of these images ... which expose the level of each picture .. in addition, the  Tone Mapping images also provide interesting effects depending on their skill setting ...

To make the process of this joint .. There are various ways...
for the love challenges, can use Adobe Photoshop ... easy to understand and easy to do this combination process .. I also use the software  Dynamic-Photo HDR .. There are also people using the software Photomatix ..  ok this is the only sharing some of my .. sorry if any mistakes .. and not very detailed about the HDR ni .. If anyone want to share ... so the information can be shared and comments from you.

There are some pictures that I edit using HDR Technology
When I shoot digital still cameras Lumix compaq 550

Flooding around the ILP Kangar 4/11/1020

          Before HDR

          After HDR

The second picture below, I use color little grunge to see a bit harsh. Photo's about Sandakan city , Sabah.

          Before HDR

          After HDR

So how? are you interested in this HDR? Good luck ....

For basic tutorial HDR using Adobe CS3

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