Friday, January 7, 2011

Shrimp + Vitamin C = Poison

Beware! Shrimp + Vitamin C = Poison!

The story below should be notified to the family, and all your friends or your loved ones ...
This incident occurred in Taiwan, a woman died suddenly of blood limapancaindera out, after investigation it appears this woman died not because of suicide or was murdered, but only because of food poisoning.These women usually take vitamin C every day, this is not the problem, the problem for many women that night, eating shrimp, actually just eat prawns are not the problem, many families also eat shrimp night and there is no decedent.In essence Arsenic Pentoxide containing shrimp (As2O5), berhuhung finished eating shrimp women taking Vitamin C, and there was a chemical reaction in the stomach to make changes to As3O5 Arsenic Trioxide (As2O3) is highly toxic, causing liver, heart, kidneys, blood vessels are damaged , intestinal bleeding, the blood vessels to widen until the woman died of blood out of the five senses.Be careful, finished eating lots of shrimp, do not take Vitamin C at the same time.

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