Monday, January 24, 2011

Secret way to increase or strengthen the brain's memory .

Currently, not only parents who have problems with memory. But people who are young can be very quickly forgotten. For that to know a secret way to increase or strengthen the brain's memory .

Several memory-related diseases such as Alzheimer's or dementia that makes a person lose his memory. For that there are several ways you can do in helping improve one's memory.

As quoted from AskMen, there are 4 tips that can improve memory secrets of the human brain, namely:

Chewing gum
Believe it or not, chewing gum can actually improve alertness and memory become better. This is based on the results of two studies reported in the journal Appetite in 2002 and 2004.

In this study, people who chew gum during the learning phase of a particular test gives better results. This condition is likely because chewing gum can increase heart rate and increases blood flow to the brain.

Exercise or exercise
During this time people do sports in order to get the body healthy and strong, but it can also have a secret sports as a memory enhancer. Even by reducing the number of calories in the body can help a person remember where he put his keys.

Sports that do not need expensive or heavy, but by walking, climbing stairs or cycling can be a memory enhancer that is better than none at all.

Though many are debating the benefits and dangers of caffeine, but no one can deny the effect of caffeine on alertness and memory enhancer. Various studies conducted in the last 5 years show caffeine can improve short-term memory and protect women from memory loss.

In order to obtain optimal benefits from caffeine, usakahan to eat them in a safe amount and not excessive. This is to avoid the negative effects of caffeine to the body.

The secret of this one probably has not been known by the public. Though nap can improve declarative memory (memory that is useful to keep the facts). If you've worked hard all day, do not hesitate to take a nap for a while. But make sure to not sleep more than 45 minutes, this is to avoid sleeping too deep thus eliminating the benefits for memory.

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