Friday, January 14, 2011

NASA found a rocky planet

Kepler Planet-10 discovered by the spacecraft by NASA's Kepler is the smallest planet outside Earth's solar system. - AFP

WASHINGTON, 11 January - Administration of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), managed to find a rocky planet with the size of Earth's orbit in the outer solar system, but not too high a temperature suitable for life.

According to the space agency, Kepler planet-10b were detected by NASA's Kepler spacecraft, the smallest is found outside Earth's solar system.Its size is about 1.4 times the Earth and it rotates around the star more than once a day, thus not suitable for living."Kepler-10b is described as occupied as before. The temperature during the day on the planet is too high to reach 1.371 degrees Celsius.

"Temperature sepanas could melt steel," said NASA experts, Natalie Batalha through a chat to explain the findings.The new planet is found around the orbit every 0.84 days and 23 times closer to the star than the distance of Mercury to the sun.According to NASA program scientist, Douglas Hudgins, these findings represent a milestone in the field of space science, although there is no life can live there."Kepler's discovery of 10-b is a significant achievement in the search for a planet similar to Earth."Although this planet uninhabitable, this mission proved that we can detect the existence of more planets," he said. - AFP

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