Saturday, January 1, 2011

Green technology for today

Green Technology

The main criteria of green technology are as follows;

1. Continuously meet the needs of society without causing the extinction,

    damage, or destruction of natural resources.

2. Enable the production of environmentally friendly products manufactured reclaimed 


3. Saving resources, reducing waste and pollution by changing the

    production methods and usage.

4. Innovation, exploring, developing alternative environmentally-friendly and user-friendly and


5. Being the center of economic activity associated with technologies and products that can

    benefits to society and the environment and creating opportunities 

Robot to maids?

These robots were created by research institutes for industrial use to help improve productivity and quality.University Stuttgard for example, has created two robots that are able to do the hard work done by humans.It can be used to perform work on oil rigs, but a company in Malaysia has ordered the robot.Another is a robot designed to assist in household chores.The robot can be used by senior citizens who live alone. It may move to take and deliver the goods, including opening the refrigerator to eat and drink.The purpose of the robot is designed to enable senior citizens to stay longer in their own home and not be too early to go to my parents' house because there is a robot take care of them.Robot controlled by a computer may also contact family members, if the 'master' he suddenly fell ill and was unconscious.

(Excerpt from The Utusan) 


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