Sunday, January 9, 2011

Impaired blood flow

Attacks the brain. This is exactly the term for a stroke or stroke that is often seen in one eye and is considered less important than heart disease, while the effect of actually experienced much worse and can cause patients to lose the ability or bedridden life. 
In the United States, 15 million people stroke each year, five million die and another five million suffer permanent disability. In 2005, 5.7 million deaths from stroke and 87 percent of registered cases occur in low and middle income countries. 

In our country, with 10,000 new cases recorded each year and the concern, the risk of stroke increased with increasing age, confirmed by unhealthy eating habits, smoking, lack of control of diseases (especially diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol problems) and lack of exercise. 

Strokes are of two types of ischemia and bleeding. Ischemic stroke occurs when the brain's blood supply shortage in the presence of ice that block the blood flow of blood to the brain. Hemorrhagic strokes occur when blood vessels in the brain ruptures and causes blood accumulating in the brain. 
"Blood must flow all the time. If stagnation, blood cells stick to each other and forming blood clots. 

"Pieces of a clot is dangerous because if it enters the bloodstream into the brain, it restricts blood flow and cause brain attack (stroke). Senarionya same as a heart attack, but it occurs in the brain, "he said. Causes and signs of stroke Many health problems that can cause stroke like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure or other trauma makes the blood vessels in the brain ruptures. The most common problem is that atrial fibrillation causes stroke

One way to know whether the heart is normal or not is to think and feel the pulse in the wrist. If the pulse is too fast or irregularly, immediately see a doctor for examination. 
Consultant Neurologist and President of the Council of Neuroscience Malaysia, Dr Hamidon Basri, said most people do not realize they are experiencing symptoms of a stroke. Among the key signs of stroke are as follows: 
- All of a sudden numbness or weakness in the body, especially on one side 
- Vision (one or two sides of the eye) suddenly changed 
- Severe headache of unknown sudden 
- All of a sudden felt dizzy, difficulty walking and loss of balance 
- All of a sudden you talk tough, confused and not understand the speech


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