Saturday, January 8, 2011

Charlie and information on prevention

NamaAm: Rove Beetle
Scientific Name: Staphylinidae (Insecta: Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)
Species Paederus fuscipes Curtis
Local Name: Ant Plant, ant Shingles, Charlie, etc..
Number of species: It is estimated that about 47.000 species
This beetle can be found in the paddy fields, school fields - within the grass etc.. It are carnivores and eat insects other smaller insects. It plays an important role in biological control controlling insect pests of rice. During heavy rains or floods, the beetle migrate to drier areas.

Haemolymph in the body (except wing) beetles contain toxic animal contact the most poisonous in the world. Toxins known as 'pederin' (C24 H43 N O9) was designated in 1953. It have a level 12 times higher toxicity than cobra venom. 

Rove beetle, which has been dried and kept for 8 years still have toxins. Contact with the current beetle moving or sleeping, crushing the body or brushing with a dirty finger will cause conjunctivitis and severe skin disease known as dermatitis linearis ',' Paederus (rove beetles /staphylinidae) dermatitis, whiplash dermatitis etc.. In September 2002, an epidemic of dermatitis linearis caused by rove beetles were infecting thousands of people in the house and dormitory students in Penang.

Since the beetle is attracted to lights at night, close or minimize the the lights and close doors / windows during the beetle epidemic. Use mosquito netting a fine, aerosol insect sprays, traps and so forth. Do not sit near lights, do not smash the beetle on the body, just blow it away. If contact with the beetle, immediately wash the affected area with soap and water. Those who suffer severe skin reactions should be seek medical attention.

Source: Dr. Lee Han Lim (IMR), Dr. Zairi b. Jaal (USM), En. Nik Mohd. Noor b. Nik Salleh (MARDI), Sumitomo Chemical Enviro-Agro Asia Pacific Sdn. Ltd., Agricultural Chemicals (M) Sdn. Ltd., J. Med. Entomol. Vol.24-1987 & Assoc. Howard Frank, University of Florida


aman_arab said...

whoa...its really an extremely dangerous scary..

erynonelove said...
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Edwin Domínguez said...

It is interesting the insects with importance biomedic. I am studying a group of insect that bite human, are leafhoppers. I need to known, Do you have information of leafhopper for Malaysia? Thanks


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