Thursday, January 6, 2011

Giant blue tuna

Giant blue tuna sold RM1.22 million 

Fish weighing 342 kilograms purchased Hong Kong entrepreneurs 

TOKYO: A giant blue tuna censure record sales worth 32.49 million yen, or nearly U.S. $ 396,000 (RM1.22 million) in the first auction this year at the world's largest fish wholesale market here today. 

The price of tuna fish weighing 342 pounds beat the previous record recorded in 2001 when the fish weighing 202 kg were sold at 20.2 million yen (RM754, 653), a spokesman for Tsukiji market. 
"It was a very big fish," said Yutaka Hasegawa officer. "But we were all very surprised by the price." 
Giant tuna is purchased and shared by the couple that won the bid for the heaviest fish last year, Kyubey owner, a popular sushi restaurant in the Ginza district here and Itamae Sushi, a casual sushi restaurant chain based in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong's crowded media entrepreneur, Ricky Cheng after his victory that reflects the growing popularity of sushi lovers around the world especially in Asia. 

"I was very nervous when arriving in Tokyo yesterday, but I am now relieved," he said after the auction, which began shortly after five o'clock in the morning. 

Giant blue tuna, caught off the coast of northern Japan are among the 538 pieces discharged from all over the world for auction yesterday. 
The price of the record gives the impression that he noted the price of 95.000 yen (RM3, 549) per kilogram. 

Japan is the world's largest consumer of seafood by the population consuming 80 percent of the fish of the Atlantic and Pacific blue tuna caught. Two species of tuna that are most popular among fans of sushi. -excerpts from the daily news-

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